“It’s kinda like lookin’ down an ice hole.” – Dan

Ice is on my mind.

It’s on my roof. It’s on my sidewalk. I got IcyHot on my back. We tried to ice the Saint’s kicker. And it’s in the name of Roundhouse’s new release, Ice Auger Blonde Ale.

ABC’s The Bachelor is also on my mind. Admit it, it is your guilty pleasure too. As I write this, the premiere episode is on in the background. And therefore, there are lots of beautiful girls on the TV. But the only blonde on my mind is the one Chuck brewed.

This new blonde ale needs to be your new ice fishing companion At 5.1% abv, it’s a crushable necessity. This beer is medium-light in body, pale translucent yellow gold in color, with a thin white head. Flavor-wise, it’s slightly doughy with a crisp hop bite, bringing out hints of orange. 

This beer may not be the fanciest girl in the room, but she is the one that our beloved Peter keeps giving roses because she’s the safe choice. Safety first.

This new safe choice brew was crafted in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of one of the Brainerd Lakes Area winter staples, the Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza. Currently, the Jaycees crew is keeping a close eye on the ice in Hole in the Day Bay on Gull Lake, in Nisswa, to make sure all competitors stay safe.

Annually, the fishing contest gives out over $100,000 in prizes. This year they will give out $150,000. The donations received from the benefit are given to local charities with the primary beneficiary being Camp Confidence. Camp Confidence is a local camp which provides opportunities for those who are differently abled, youth and adults alike.

It is our pleasure to brew a beer for such a wonderful organization, which gives so much to our community and its members. Did you know if you have a non-profit that you think deserves a gift, you can apply on the Jaycees’ website? Go, my Roundhouse friends, help the Jaycees make a difference in our community. 

If I were you, I wouldn’t let this blonde slip away, like Hannah B; not that it was Peter’s fault. Peter, if for some reason you are reading this blog through a time machine, I think you make a great pair. Don’t become the next bachelor. Go ask Hannah out again. You two are so cute together, and she brings out the best in you. I’m not sure I can watch the whole season of the bachelor and support you on your journey. Hannah just seems so right for you.

Oh sorry, I’m supposed to be blogging about this blonde ale not the Bachelor, please forgive me.

Holly, my boss and our amazing taproom manager, loves the Bachelor too, so maybe I should just keep writing about the show. Maybe I should turn this into a reality TV blog: weekly highlights, recaps, critical commentary, hopes and dreams for these women as they leave their time on the show, and links to their Instagram accounts. You would come back for that, right? No?

No? Ok. Fine. Drink Ice Auger. Support the Jaycees. Catch big fish. Win big prizes.

Zach is a local beer blogger, who keeps up with all Northern MN beers and breweries. When he is not writing for us, you can check him out at zacharoobrew.com, or find him homebrewing in his garage.

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