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46 North Wild Rice Ale


Your paddle slips into the still water, breaking the reflection of spruce trees and tamaracks, while off in the distance a loon calls into the quiet. You’ve crossed over into the north. Brewed with certified organic malts and hops, and wild-grown, traditionally harvested wild rice, 46 North is a tribute to the lakes and prairies of our beloved northlands. Crisp and clear, with an earthy finish, this is a beer that will take you to the lakes.

6.2% ABV, 14 IBU, 6 SRM.

M & I

The Minnesota and International Railway was a Northern Pacific subsidiary that began as a conglomeration of logging rail lines and the Brainerd and Northern Minnesota railroad. In 1900, the B&NM was purchased by the NP, and a 200 mile line connecting Brainerd to International Falls was constructed. The M & I continued to operate as an independent subsidiary until 1940, when it was folded into the NP. Eventually, the line fell into disuse by the railroad and was abandoned in 1983, but it gained a second life along the southern end of the line as the Paul Bunyan Trail. As you sit on the Roundhouse patio just a few miles from the Paul Bunyan, enjoy this German-style pilsner, our first new beer in our Nisswa location, with it’s noble hop flavors and aroma and it’s crisp, clean finish. 5.0% ABV, 38 IBU, 4 SRM

Pontoon Golden Ale w/Lime

It’s been a long, cold winter, and a crazy, crazy spring. But summer’s here now. It’s time for sunshine, time for relaxing, time for the lake. It’s time for a Pontoon. This crisp, light bodied golden ale is blended with key lime, to give it enough sparkle to rival the sunshine reflecting on the water. Let’s take a ride on the Pontoon.

5.5% ABV, 20 IBU, 6 SRM.

Heritage Pale Ale

 Heritage is an American-style pale ale made with Minnesota grown malt and hops. A light golden color and medium body, paired with clean hop bittering and aroma make this an eminently drinkable beer. 5.4% ABV, 37 IBU, 5 SRM


Ice Auger Blonde Ale

A beer as crisp and clear as Gull Lake ice in January, but with enough body to sustain you out there as you watch your tip-up. Brewed exclusively for the Brainerd Jaycee’s  Ice Fishing Extravaganza.

5.3% ABV, 21 IBU

Boom Lake Lager

The east shore of Boom Lake was the site of the Brainerd Brewing Company, established in 1881. The Brainerd Brewing Company produced a lager using “ … a malt produced in Minnesota and the best domestic hops … obtained from the Pacific coast, [and] a considerable quantity of German hops….” (from Special Publication, 1910, p. 16, Brainerd Tribune, A. J. Halsted, Editor and Publisher). The brewery was forced to close down permanently in 1915. To honor the tradition established in those bygone days, we’ve developed our own premium lager, using pilsner malt produced in Minnesota, balanced by American Crystal and German Northern Brewer hops. Crisp, light bodied, with a mild malt flavor and aroma. We think our predecessors would be proud. We certainly are.

5.3% ABV, 22 IBU, 4 SRM.



Firebox Doppelbock Lager

The firebox in a steam locomotive is the heart of the engine. The fireman would shovel coal into the firebox to heat water into steam, which would drive the pistons, which would make the whole thing go. Our Firebox is a doppelbock-style lager, that has a coppery-red color, full body, and rich malty flavor, with enough heat to keep you moving through the cold winter months.

8.0% ABV, 33 IBU

Detonator Doppelbock


Your paddle slips into the still water, breaking the reflection of spruce trees and tamaracks, while off in the distance a loon calls into the quiet. You’ve crossed over into the north. Brewed with certified organic malts and hops, and wild-grown, traditionally harvested wild rice, 46 North is a tribute to the lakes and prairies of our beloved northlands. Crisp and clear, with an earthy finish, this is a beer that will take you to the lakes.

6.2% ABV, 14 IBU, 6 SRM.

Lunchbucket PB&J Ale

Every rail working in the shops or on the trains has to have lunch sometime. And what’s better for lunch than a good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and beer!  For our Lakes Area Brewer’s Challenge beer, we combined the warm, nutty flavor of peanut butter with the sweet fruit flavor of raspberries, along with toasty, bready malt and just a hint of hops. You wanted peanut butter, you got it. With jelly. And beer. 5.4% ABV, 15 IBU, 11 SRM. Contains peanuts and lactose.

Cinder Dick IPA

A cinder dick was a railroad policeman. Cinder dicks spent their days walking the cinders of the railyard, looking for thieves trying to break into boxcars, investigating wrecks for wrongdoing, or riding the trains guarding valuable freight. A hard, bitter job that deserves a bitter beer. Cinder Dick IPA is brewed with pale and dark crystal malts for balance, with Columbus, Northern Brewer, Cascade and Mosaic hops for a floral and citrus aroma and a strong, clean hop finish.

5.8% ABV, 76 IBU, 9 SRM


Golden Spike Imperial IPA

The eastern and western lines of Northern Pacific’s transcontinental railroad were joined together near Independence Creek in western Montana in 1883. To commemorate the occasion, the first spike driven at the start of railway construction near Carlton, Minnesota was used to connect the last section of rail. It was named the Golden Spike, and was driven home by NP President Henry Villard, former US President Ulysses S. Grant, and Henry C. Davis, who had driven that first spike. Our Golden Spike, commemorating the completion of construction at Roundhouse Brewery, is a golden colored Imperial IPA, loaded with premium brewers and dark crystal malts, generous doses of Mosaic and Cascade hops for aromas of citrus, spice, and blueberry, and Magnum hops for a clean bittering finish.

8.9% ABV, 87 IBU, 10 SRM.


Fog Bank Hazy IPA

Train engineers are always nervous about approaching a bank of fog on the track, because you never know what’s on the other side. You don’t have to worry about that with our Fog Bank Hazy IPA. Full bodied, but citrusy and refreshing, with moderate bittering, and loaded with hop flavor and aroma. Break through the Fog Bank today. 5.7% ABV, 45 IBU, 6 SRM

Crow Wing Cream Ale

Cream ales are one of the first uniquely American beers,  and the Crow Wing River runs deep through the memories and the culture of central Minnesota. To honor those histories, we’ve created Crow Wing Cream Ale.  A blend of barley malt, wheat and corn, and German Hallertauer hops provide balance, to make a crisp, smooth, refreshing beer.

5.5% ABV, 23 IBU, 3 SRM.


Chili Boom

All the flavors of our Boom Lake Lager but infused with the flavor (and a little bit of heat) of Serrano Chili Peppers.  Ole!  

5.3% ABV, 22 IBU, 4 SRM.

Sinful Tropical Stout



What happens when you let the brains behind the Brainerd Lakes Poker League, Shawn “Sin” Pittman, design and brew a beer at Roundhouse? You get Sinful. Sinful is a tropical stout, dark, malty, and complex, much like the man himself. Brewed with heaps of pale, crystal, dark and roasted malts, plus molasses and cacao nibs for a complex and roasty flavor, then finished with cayenne pepper for a heat that’s lingering but not overpowering. It’ll make you feel a little naughty, but oh, so good. 7.8% ABV, 39 IBU, 42 SRM.

Whistle Stop Blonde

Whistlestop Blonde is a light-bodied gluten-free beer with an assertive hoppy bitterness, made for those of us who like beer, but find that barley beer doesn’t like us. Brewed with sorghum malt, Belgian candi sugar for color and lightness, and Denali hops for bittering and a floral aroma. This might be the station that you need to stop at.

5.6% ABV, 43 IBU, 5 SRM


Ms. Galena Pomegranate Sour

Ms. Galena O’Neill was a businesswoman in Brainerd in the late 1800s. When her husband Jack (original owner of the Last Turn Saloon) passed away, Ms. Galena leased a building on the corner of 4th and Front Street and began running a locally famous house of ill repute. The fines that Ms. Galena and her “soiled doves” paid every month over the next few years helped finance many features of downtown Brainerd that are still there today. Ms. Galena is dedicated to the notion that life is not always sweet, but you can still get things done. Our Ms. Galena is a blonde ale, kettle-soured and then infused with Pomegranate with this version. Contains milk products.

5.4% ABV, 26 IBU, 10 SRM.

Witch's Brew Spiced Amber Ale

An apple and spice infused Angel Seat Amber.   This blend of rich malty flavor and aroma are jazzed up for the fall season with apple and spice for a unique brew that balances the Angel Seat with the flavors of the fall.  

5.7% ABV, 40 IBU

Angel Seat Amber

The “angel seat” on a train is the raised observation seat up in the cupola of the caboose. From the angel’s seat, a conductor could watch the train, looking for hot boxes (overheated wheel bearings) or fires started by hot cinders flying out of the locomotive. It’s the highest seat on the train. Our Angel Seat Amber Ale will put you in the best seat in the house, too. Smooth, malty flavor and aroma, with a crisp, clean hoppy finish.

5.7% ABV, 40 IBU, 15 SRM

#10 Hefewiezen

Northern Pacific Locomotive  #10 was a coal fired tender that worked in the rail yards in Brainerd for decades, switching cars, hauling coal for the power plant, and other duties. After being retired, it stood as a fixture at Brainerd’s Lum Park for years during the 1980’s. It’s the locomotive featured in the picture on our website. By a remarkable coincidence, our hefewiezen ale is the 10th beer that we’ve brewed in our lineup. The German-style wheat beer yeast suspended in the beer adds hints of clove and banana, while the white malted wheat adds a grainy sweetness. Crisp, refreshing, with a dense, white head and light body make this a perfect summer beer.

5.1% ABV, 15 IBU, 4 SRM.

Coal Train Porter

Think of sooty dark cars loaded with anthracite, moving through the night, dancing to the music of the rails. A robust porter, dark as night and smooth as jazz. Flavors of roast malt, coffee, and cocoa, with a mild caramel sweetness for balance.

5.6% ABV, 40 IBU, 28 SRM.

Old Betsy Brown Ale

The first locomotive in the Northern Pacific Railway was a wood-burning engine named the Minnetonka, and it’s job was to haul ties, rails, and other supplies used to help build the railroad along the line westward as it was constructed and advanced  from Carlton, Minnesota. When the line was completed, the locomotive was sold to the Polson Lumber Company. It was renamed Old Betsy” and hauled timber until 1928 when it was retired and abandoned. Old Betsy was recovered by the Northern Pacific Railway in the mid ’30s and restored it to working order. The sturdy little locomotive is still owned by the BNSF Railroad and is on permanent loan to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth. Our Old Betsy is a sturdy malt-forward Northern English-style brown ale, with 2-row premium brewer’s malt and dark malts for complexity and rich flavor, with balance provided by Magnum and Northern Brewer hops.

5.1% ABV, 30 IBU, 17 SRM.

Spike Driver Oatmeal Stout

Laying track is hard work, and you need some substance to get through your day. Spike Driver Oatmeal Stout is a robust, hearty beer, with plenty of body and flavor to sustain you, but easy enough to drink that you can put down that last mile of rail. Brewer’s malt, dark crystal and black malts, roasted barley and flaked oats add complexity, flavor and body, with Northern Brewer hops adding enough bittering to offset the malt sweetness.

4.7% ABV, 37 IBU, 39 SRM.

Night Shift Coffee Stout

When you’re on the night shift, sometimes the choices are simple – beer or coffee? But who wants to make decisions after a long night on the graveyard shift? We’ve made things even easier for you. Night Shift is a rich, dark, full-bodied stout with hints of chocolate and a touch of sweetness. Then we added coffee blended for us from our friends at Reality Roasters in Little Falls, to give it that gorgeous coffee aroma and flavor. So now, your choice is simple. Get both.

6.5% ABV, 15 IBU, 64 SRM. Contains lactose.

Manley's Wee Heavy

 Manley Cunningham, our brewer’s grandfather, was a railroader for all of his adult life, starting out as a crew caller for the Northern Pacific in the days of steam locomotives until retiring as an engineer for Burlington Northern in the days of diesel. Manley’s Wee Heavy is a Strong Scottish Ale, dedicated to the memory of all of the men and women who work the rails. Full bodied and malty, with hints of currants and caramel, and a rich dark color and malty aroma. 8.9% ABV, 26 IBU, 34 SRM

Runaround Rye

Perhaps it’s not a big surprise, but it’s hard to turn a train around. Doing a “runaround”, in railroad slang, is to disconnect the engine from one end of the train, ake it around to the other end, reconnect it, and then take the train back in the opposite direction. Our Runaround Rye ale takes beer a1nd sends it in a different direction. This German-style rye ale is brewed with malted barley and rye, for a dry, spicy flavor, dark malts for color and malt flavor, with mild banana and clove flavors contributed by the yeast, and Hallertauer hops for a mild bitterness.

5.4% ABV, 20 IBU, 12 SRM.


Der Zug Oktoberfest

“Der Zug” is German for “The Train”. This train is a coppery red lager full of German malt, with a medium body and full malty aroma, and just a touch of noble hop bitterness. 5.3% ABV, 25 IBU, 13 SRM

Jubilee Hard Seltzer

“Jubilee” class locomotives were steam engines, used primarily in Great Britain. They were fast, even by modern standards, with maximum speeds over 100 mph. They did not have a lot of pulling capacity, although they were very fast, so the design didn’t get much use in the US. And, let’s not forget that a jubilee is also a celebration. Made with all-natural and gluten-free ingredients*, and with low carbohydrates, it’s a celebration in your glass. At 5.4% ABV, it’s not hauling a heavy load, but it’ll go pretty fast. 

Brewed in a process similar to beer, but without using grains we will be offering a variety of flavors for perfect balance. Our first 2 Jubilee’s are Strawberry Rhubarb, and Cranberry Juniper, both balance a touch of sweetness with a little bit of tart. Not that you need another reason to celebrate this brew, but there is one: this tasty concoction was crafted by our assistant brewer, Jessica Bleichner​!  We have also have Floral Blueberry and Tart Apple Pear available and continue to explore a variety of flavors.

*Made on equipment that also processes wheat and barley. We take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee that this product is completely gluten-free.

Warrior Brew

Warrior Brew is an American-style pale ale made with Minnesota grown malt and hops. A light golden color and medium body, paired with clean hop bittering and aroma make this an eminently drinkable beer. A portion of all the sales of this beer will be donated to the Brainerd Sports Boosters. 5.4% ABV, 37 IBU, 5 SRM




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