People say “Dark Beer Season” is upon us. And they are wrong, because dark beer sucks!

(I’m kidding.)

Lately, I have been sitting at the bar, listening to beer orders. “I don’t like dark beers.” “I don’t like hoppy beers.” “I only like light beers.” “I don’t really like beer.” Yadda yadda ya.

Now, don’t get me wrong, drink what you like to drink. But if you are gonna be picky at least know what you mean and what you like.

When people say “I don’t like dark beers” they are wrong. (I’m still kidding.) They are probably thinking about a nitro pour of Guinness, and guess what, I don’t like Guinness either. “What if I told you that most dark beers taste nothing like Guinness?” – Morpheus from the Matrix. It’s true. Most taste very different. First of all, a nitro beer is poured with nitrogen gas. This molecule is much smaller than CO2, which makes for a softer, smoother, creamier mouthfeel. Our Coal Train Porter is an example of a dark beer that we pour both on nitro and on CO2; I recommend two tasters side by side.

When people say “I only like light beers,” they could mean a few things, it seems. They probably just mean they only like ____ Light or ____ Lite. And if that’s the case, it’s not on tap at the brewery. Another sentence I would recommend to light beer lovers is “I like Cream Ales or Pilsners.” These beers are light in body, crisp in the mouth, and small in ABV, one is an ale and one is a lager (that’s a conversation for another time). And guess what, Cream Ales are dairy free!

When people say they don’t like hoppy beers, I, first, want them to know that every beer has hops in it. The other day there were some cute old ladies at the bar that asked me what I was drinking. I was drinking a hazy IPA. These beers look almost like orange juice. They even taste juicy and are full bodied and loaded with hops. (And I mean LOADED). They are very palatable to a “no hops for me” palate. (Even my mom likes them!) So that claim may not be what you think it is. Unfortunately, the ladies did not try my hoppy juicy hazy IPA. Don’t be like them, have an open mind when it comes to new styles!

I don’t like beer people should try all of the sours, fruit beers, chocolate stouts, and milkshake IPAs.

Yes, I think dark beer does have a season, but it is more than the color of the beer that makes me want to drink it during this time of the year. Often times, we find our dark beers have full bodies, high abv and a roastiness that warm up our souls. This is perfect for fall and winter.

Keep on stretching your horizons when it comes to beer and life.


Zach is a local beer blogger, who keeps up with all Northern MN beers and breweries. When he is not writing for us, you can check him out at, or find him homebrewing in his garage.

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