Below are a couple time lapsed videos of the brewery equipment being installed at Roundhouse.  I put these videos together last week but waited to post them until things settled down.  You see when I put the photos of the brewery equipment going in Roundhouse on the website people started to line up.  We tried to explain to them that we were a couple of months away from selling beer.  Things got ugly fast, with lots of chants of “Roundhouse Forever” and “Long Live Chuck.”  We had to barricade ourselves in the Brewery and couldn’t come out until Mark drove them off with the giant forklift.  Check the website often to find out when we are opening so we don’t have a repeat of that ugly situation.  

Enjoy the videos and Keep on Chugging . . . Responsibly

If you are like me, you like to watch a brewery install from the North and the South.  So enjoy the exact brewery install from a slightly different angle.