From Left to Right:  Our leader Mark, Northern Pacific Center Property Manager Rick, Hytec Construction supervisor Mitch (?), Northern Pacific Owner David, and Roundhouse Brewery investor and Gull Lake Glass owner Nate Toumi.  

The day after the investors got together we toured the Northern Pacific center with Hytec construction.  This photo is taken facing west along the soon to be removed loading dock.  The exterior will be taken down to ground level with plans for a new walkway and patio outside the brewery.  More about that later.  For now we are looking at where to place 3 glass doors, one going into the brewery area, one that leads to the future patio, and one for the entrance.  The plan right now is for the doors to be put under the large windows like the one Nate is standing under.

Here is a photo facing east along the loading dock.  The new person in the background is investor Tim Bywater out visiting from Utah.  If you are wondering if a door can fit under the large  windows remember in the coming months the outside will be 3 feet or so lower.