Global Domination

Roundhouse Faithful we have done it!  We have been open for a little more then a month and this train is picking up speed.  We have started expanding out to area restaurants and will soon have 10 different beers in our tap room.  Can you believe it?...

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Leveling UP

ROUNDHOUSE FAITHFUL!!!  THANK YOU for making our pre-opening and our actual opening a huge success.  The only thing that makes us happier than drinking our beer, is watching the Faithful enjoy pint after pint (in moderation of course) of our tasty Roundhouse...

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The Pre-Opening

Some of you may have heard that the doors of Roundhouse were open this past weekend.  If you thought this Thursday was supposed to be the triumphant soft opening of Roundhouse Brewery- you would be correct.  You see, we had to have a couple of test...

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Social Media Update

Greetings Roundhouse Faithful!We are on the eve of an historic moment, the kegging of our first two beers: Golden Spike IPA and Cowcatcher Ale.  I was super stoked to hear that Chuck named one of our beers Cowcatcher. You see, I always pictured a Cowcatcher as a...

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Psst . . . . Can you keep a secret?

I am not going to name names, but a certain "train themed" brewery hidden in Brainerd will be opening Thursday April 28th. This isn't a grand opening.  We hope to have one of those in about a month or so.  We will have a booth at the Brainerd Sports...

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Detours and Bathrooms

Greetings Roundhouse Faithful!  I know you have great faith because most of you haven't drank a drop of our beer, and yet the excitement is palpable.  As you can see in the photo of our glassware, we are still bone dry in the beer department.  Hang in...

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Throwback Thursday . . . on a Monday.

Greetings Roundhouse faithful, long time no post.  You are probably wondering where we have been.  I would like to say that we have been so busy getting the brewery running that we have not  had time to share updates.  The truth of the matter is...

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Second tasting.

Last Friday we had our second beer tasting at Roundhouse.  Chuck turned out four more beers in our not-so-secret test brewery located in Mark's garage.  Thanks to everyone who attended; we value your feedback.  I would especially like to thank...

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Lakeland Public Television comes to Roundhouse.

Well it was only a matter of time before the press discovered Roundhouse Brewery.  Needless to say we impressed the media with superb speaking skills and my ability to blink what I am saying with morse code.  I wouldn't be surprised if Lakeland cancels...

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Brewery install in 60 seconds or less.

Below are a couple time lapsed videos of the brewery equipment being installed at Roundhouse.  I put these videos together last week but waited to post them until things settled down.  You see when I put the photos of the brewery equipment going in...

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Roundhouse Brewery