August 28th:  From left to right Rick, David, forgot this guys name but he is the architect, and Craig (owner of Hytec construction)

 This was the second time through the property with Hytec but this time we have some blueprints to go over.

First set of blueprints.  On the left is the common area and bathroom and on the right is the brewery, cooler, and bar.  Disregard that table and chairs they are just the architect doodling.  

This is our plumber.  Can’t remember his name but seems pretty knowledgeable.

This is the scale in the northeast corner of the brewery.  Originally we thought of leaving it but now it looks like we are tearing it out along with the floor under where the brewery is going.  

This is a photo looking west towards the door leading to the common area and the bathrooms.  I would be technically standing in the back of the brewery while taking this photo.  The tables in here where used for an event awhile back.